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Professional Web Design:

Prices start at $625.00 for a basic 3 page design that includes your home or index page. The basic package is normally used by business that are just trying to get an on-line presence. A good rule of thumb is a $100.00 for every page after the third. An example would be the the mid-level package for $1225.00 that supplies up to five pages and can include ecommerce. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to having a website.

Sites have to be content driven so that your possible future customer can get the information needed to make an informed decision. We always encourage that price is included somewhere on the site as most end users will simply move on if that is omitted. When we give a price quote, it is based on the information you provide. From that we then define the scope of the project. If for whatever reason you decide you want more pages or anything above and beyond that that was originally detailed in the scope...the price quote will reflect an increase from the original price.

Web Site Maintenance

What is website maintenance? In order to have a successful website that sees return customers or clients...the site content needs to be always changing. If you were selling goods or services on line a good example would be clearance items or ones on sale.

We charge $65.00 an hour for any changes or updates to the site after the initial website has been completed and published to the server. So that there is no misunderstandings...there is going to be a time period after the initial publish  to a test server that there are going to be changes to tweak the site so that it has the look and feel your after at no charge to you. Once the honeymoon stage is over and both of us can agree that the site is where we want it, it will then become live on the domain name you hold. From that point on it falls into the maintenance category. 

Web Site Hosting

Our basic package starts at $3.95 a month and the price goes up depending on how much space the site occupies, if any databases are necessary, the amount of traffic visiting the site as well as what type if any email set-ups needed. Some of our clients are paying as high as 275.00 a year because they also need a email server running and are getting a lot of traffic.

Basic Package $3.95 & up

The majority of people with personal pages, what we call a billboard where the site is basically static displaying all the necessary contact information for people to find them on-line. The cost is $3.95 if you pay by the year (Annually)  $47.40 and a one-time set-up fee of 9.60.Total Cost is $57.00 for the year.

Intermediate Package $6.95 & Up

This is mid-level hosting where business and individuals that are displaying a lot of graphics fall into. Individuals are the ones that usually are doing eBay and host with us to save monies on posting pictures displayed in their auctions. The cost is $6.95 if you pay by the year (Annually)  $83.40 and a one-time set-up fee of 9.60.  Total Cost is $93.00 for the year.

Business Package $12.95 & up

The Business package is for those of you looking to put up website for your business to gain more exposure and have another means of advertising and doing business with customers. The cost is $12.95 if you pay by the year (Annually)  $155.40 and a one-time set-up fee of 9.60. Total Cost is $165.00 for the year.

Custom Programming

Our flat rate charges for programming is $120.00 an hour. Programming differs from maintenance in that it requires a higher level of experience and education. If there is scripting already available that would suit the needs, we tend to go with that in order to save you monies and not go the direction of recreating the wheel. We will then curtail it to your needs.

Search Engine Promotion & Search Engine Optimization

This falls into the category of placing or submitting your site into the top 300 search engines so that people can find you when searching online. We also place in the correct meta tags in the code as well as placing the correct content on your home page. Our tendencies are not to get you a ton of traffic or people visiting your site as most do. Our goals are to get the people looking to buy that are searching for products and or services you offer for resale.

Why would you pay good monies to have a bunch of people visit the site if they have no interest in what you have to offer? Well that's what most SEO companies do and you end up paying a fee for the overall number of people visiting the site verses people that have an intent to buy. Do your research before tossing good monies in this direction.

This comes as part of the complete website packages and if you already have a site that you would like us to tweak your site for a better response, the price is a one time fee of $175.00

Domain Registration

We are what is considered a top level domain registrar. You can either register your domain through us here, or have us do it for you. If we do it for you, we will make sure to let you know the renewal is coming up and bill accordingly. If you sign on for a complete website package, the first year is free.



We do offer a partnership program to those business that lack the necessary funds to take it to the next step.


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